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What if History had Gone Differently?

I’ve always been fascinated by European history, especially that concerning European royalty. Lately, I’ve been very into watching documentaries and shows about the various castles spread throughout Britain, and I’ve been reading a biography on Marie Antoinette, all of which has been fiercely interesting. Several times now, the thought has crossed my mind – how would things have turned out had this one thing gone differently? Continue reading “What if History had Gone Differently?”

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Richmond and Hampton Court

My days in England just kept getting better and better. On June 16th, I went on a tour of Richmond and Hampton Court. I got to see things that have survived all these years against all odds, heard a fantastically morbid ghost story, and then was later given a heart attack by what I thought was an actual ghost hissing in my ear. It was an amazing day. Continue reading “Richmond and Hampton Court”