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Israel Day 7: And Then My Toe Exploded

My seventh day in Israel was spent exploring the caves of Rosh Hanikra along the Mediterranean Sea. Then it was off to Akko and then Tiberias for some free time, ending the day off with a party on a boat. Oh, and my toe exploded. Continue reading “Israel Day 7: And Then My Toe Exploded”

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Israel Day 6: Cliff Climbing

We did a lot of hikes in Israel, but this was probably the hike that very nearly killed me the most. Had it not been for my toe being in the state it was, I probably wouldn’t have had such a hard time, but it was swollen and sensitive enough as it was without it being slammed around in my shoe as we trekked down steep hills and literal cliff sides. Continue reading “Israel Day 6: Cliff Climbing”

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Israel Day 5: Running the Trenches of the Golan Heights

We began our fifth day in Israel with a short hike along the Hasbani River. And I do mean quite literally along it. There was little room to walk without pretty much just walking through the water, and the entire hike I was terrified I was going to fall straight in. Seemed like something that would happen to me. I never did fall in, although frankly the embrace of water might have been a rather large relief. It was sooooo hot out, and this only being my fifth day still, I had yet to become used to the heat. Continue reading “Israel Day 5: Running the Trenches of the Golan Heights”

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Israel Days 1 and 2: Building Teams and Building Rafts

My adventures in Israel began with a team-building exercise. We had been split into groups that were going to be our groups for the entirety of the trip, so it was time to get to know one another. And what better way to get to know one another than by building a raft from scratch together and then sailing said (small) raft across a large body of water? Continue reading “Israel Days 1 and 2: Building Teams and Building Rafts”

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Jetting off to Israel

Several years ago now, I got to go on a trip to Israel. It was an amazing experience, and Israel is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before (or since). So my next set of travel posts will be about all the adventures I got to have there. From scorpion hunting to bobbing in the Dead Sea to my toe practically exploding on me, it was never a dull moment (spoiler, my toe is fine, but in the moment, it was not happy). Continue reading “Jetting off to Israel”