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Israel, Day 24: Boats, Jeeps, and Milk in a Bag

I can now officially say that I have climbed through a hole in a fence. And that was just the start of a day that would bring all kinds of new adventures to me.

We climbed through a hole in a fence to reach our breakfast. Not sure why; I think our leaders were just having a laugh. But we climbed through and came out onto a beach where our breakfast was waiting for us. There, I got to have milk in a bag, chocolate milk at that, and it was awesome. Something about milk being in a bag makes it even better. Milk in a bag is not something I’d ever seen before (although I have since discovered milk in a bag in Ontario as well), but evidently it was a common thing in Israel.

We ate quickly as it would soon be time for our first activity of the day. We hadn’t been told anything, except that we needed to wear our bathing suits because we would be getting wet – very wet.

As we approached the water’s edge, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I don’t think a million guesses would have gotten me even close to what we were actually doing. I looked into the water and I saw… Continue reading “Israel, Day 24: Boats, Jeeps, and Milk in a Bag”

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Israel Day 21-23: Life on a Kibbutz

In the days prior, we left the Negev and met up with the Israeli sister camp of ours. We were together for a few days at their camp, doing the regular sort of camp activities we’d normally do and learning about their camp life. Nothing too much to note from these few days, it was just the usually sort of camp life – chilling and learning and desperately trying to get over how tired I was from the previous 18 days. We spent four days together.

On the fourth day, it was time to move on and go spend a few days living on a kibbutz. Continue reading “Israel Day 21-23: Life on a Kibbutz”

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Israel Days 1 and 2: Building Teams and Building Rafts

My adventures in Israel began with a team-building exercise. We had been split into groups that were going to be our groups for the entirety of the trip, so it was time to get to know one another. And what better way to get to know one another than by building a raft from scratch together and then sailing said (small) raft across a large body of water? Continue reading “Israel Days 1 and 2: Building Teams and Building Rafts”