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What if History had Gone Differently?

I’ve always been fascinated by European history, especially that concerning European royalty. Lately, I’ve been very into watching documentaries and shows about the various castles spread throughout Britain, and I’ve been reading a biography on Marie Antoinette, all of which has been fiercely interesting. Several times now, the thought has crossed my mind – how would things have turned out had this one thing gone differently? Continue reading “What if History had Gone Differently?”

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Versailles was My Disney Princess Moment

A long-time obsession of mine has been castles. They are one of my favourite attractions to go and visit. Even if they were completely empty I would be thrilled to walk through their halls. Another long-time favourite of mine has been Marie-Antoinette, so you can imagine my delight and awestruckness at finally being able to visit Versailles. Continue reading “Versailles was My Disney Princess Moment”