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The National Museum of Scotland – Edinburgh Day 3

Our third day in Edinburgh was spend wandering the National Museum of Scotland. This was an incredible place, one of the coolest museums I’ve been to – which is saying a lot. The place was huge too, with a vast and diverse collection; we couldn’t even finish it one day, we had to go back the following day to see the rest. It was an exhausting, but well-spent day. Continue reading “The National Museum of Scotland – Edinburgh Day 3”

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Exploring My Dream Home – Vienna, Day 3

My last day in Vienna was spent in total and complete awe. I hit up the last major palace of the area, Schönbrunn, and then I headed over to the Kunsthistorisches Museum for a final special treat to myself. It was a wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL day, and even though walking around in my new shoes felt like my feet were being sliced up and skinned to death, agonies of pain have never been so worth it. Continue reading “Exploring My Dream Home – Vienna, Day 3”