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My Everlasting Summer

My take on a sestina.


Silky threads and quilted dreams run wild through the streets,

We never learned enough to keep the wilted growing weak.

When I could see, I lived in gossamer seeds

That grew and grew until we reached out to our catastrophe.

Now that faded memory is glowing in the dark,

Coming back to swirl amongst the nightingales and larks. Continue reading “My Everlasting Summer”

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The Language of Flowers

For the last few weeks, I’ve been posting poems that are tied to flowers, part of the self-entitled Language of Flowers series. These are poems that I wrote back in high school, as part of a project for my creative writing class. We were each given a piece of writing by a famous poet or writer and we were told to take one word from the piece and research its etymological sources, and then we were to create a piece (or pieces) of writing of our own based on where our research led us. Continue reading “The Language of Flowers”