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The Four Queens (Part 2 of 2)

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Much time had filtered by. Although quite weakened, the Queen of Hearts stayed alive (“For my people,” she sighed, “always for my people”), and with her presence still within the walls of the Land of Gold, not even the Queen of Clubs dared yet invade. She must wait with patience still, and she did so fairly well, for one so wicked as her (she sent Shadowlings out to wreak havoc elsewhere to tide her over), and patient she could be for she knew that a broken heart could only last so long. The Queen of Diamonds though, did not weather this time quite so well. She showed herself to be in such a panic; she claimed to all who would listen – and all did listen to her, for she was their trusted queen – that since the other Light Queen did not fall, it would be her the Dark Queens would come after next, and what could she, so meek and mild, do to defend herself against them? Continue reading “The Four Queens (Part 2 of 2)”

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The Four Queens (Part 1 of 2)

Author’s note: A rather rough draft for a story idea I may want to expand (and majorly fix up) one day.

I want to say “Once upon a time,” but that would be misleading. You would read it, and immediately your mind would fly to the Land of Fairytales, where the world consists of knights vanquishing dragons and magic spells turning pumpkins into carriages. But this is not a fairytale, at least not as we have come to know them. The magic here won’t help princesses find their true loves, and good will not always triumph over evil. In this world, there is a lingering darkness, which some say is more powerful than the light. There is no happy ending to this tale.

Welcome to the world of the Four Queens. Continue reading “The Four Queens (Part 1 of 2)”