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Feeling Bad for Pigeons – Venice, Days 3-6

The rest of my stay in Venice was filled with relaxing exploration. Because Venice was one of the places I’ve wanted to visit since childhood, I chose to stay there for a week rather than my usual three days as I did in most of the other places. I knew mostly what I wanted to do in the floating city was, well, float around and just see. So float around I did – quite literally in some cases. Continue reading “Feeling Bad for Pigeons – Venice, Days 3-6”

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Welcome to Venice! – Venice, Day 1

My first day in Venice was one of pure magic. Ever since I can remember I have wanted to visit Venice. I had read many books that took place there when I was younger and the descriptions of the city were so enticing, so beautiful, I just had to see it for myself. On this trip I finally got to, and it was just as wonderful as I dreamed it to be. Continue reading “Welcome to Venice! – Venice, Day 1”