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Exploring My Dream Home – Vienna, Day 3

My last day in Vienna was spent in total and complete awe. I hit up the last major palace of the area, Schönbrunn, and then I headed over to the Kunsthistorisches Museum for a final special treat to myself. It was a wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL day, and even though walking around in my new shoes felt like my feet were being sliced up and skinned to death, agonies of pain have never been so worth it. Continue reading “Exploring My Dream Home – Vienna, Day 3”

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Racing the Rain – Vienna, Day 2

My second day was spent avoiding the rain and exploring the Upper and Lower Belvedere Palaces. There was a three-ticket deal including both the Upper and Lower Belvederes as well as the so-named Winter Palace. As my post from day 1 in Vienna was already extensive, I did not include my visit to the Winter Palace, which I went to after finishing my tour of the Hofburg. Continue reading “Racing the Rain – Vienna, Day 2”

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Walking Among the Royals – Vienna, Day 1

Helloooooooo Vienna!

When planning out my trip, Vienna was a sort of last minute addition, just so I could get another place into my grand adventure. I didn’t know much about the city when I added it to my agenda, but I did some poking around for stuff to do and by the time my train arrived in Vienna, I was super pumped over my decision. Vienna turned out to be a major highlight of my trip, and if you get the chance to go, take it, take it like you’ve never taken anything before! Continue reading “Walking Among the Royals – Vienna, Day 1”